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There is a Pope in the Cars universe. This means that there is Catholic Christianity, which means there was a Jesus car who was crucified. Jesus Chrysler was crucified by car Romans under Pontiac Pilot who washed his wheels. A car was nailed to a cross and ascended to Heaven.


Imagine your icon as a lingerie model

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Leave Before The Lights Come On
Arctic Monkeys · Leave Before The Lights Come On
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And we woke up together not quite realizing how
Awkwardly stretching and yawning
Its always hard in the morning


There is never a bad time to listen to arctic monkeys. walking to class sadly? arctic monkeys. feeling lonely and unattractive? arctic monkeys. getting undressed for bed? surprise you’re now doing a strip tease. this is the power of the monkeys 


you make my heart twerk



月 by Joey on pixiv